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WHAT IS SHIELD?<br />SHIELD is a fast and secure digital currency which connects you and your friends no matter where you are! <br />Quantum-Proofing, Masternodes and Social Media Integration lay the foundation for daily usage; whether it is sending or receiving currency, the SHIELD project has you covered. <br /><br />FAST AND INTUITIVE<br />With short confirmation times and instant transactions, sending SHIELD is quick and easy.<br /><br />SECURE CONSENSUS<br />Six PoW algorithms combined with a custom PoS system allows a fair and balanced mining system, and increases network security.<br /><br />SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION<br />A convenient way for users to send and receive SHIELD with anyone across social media.<br /><br />QUANTUM PROOF<br />Quantum computers are a dangerous threat for cryptocurrency users. We will implement a future-proof signature scheme that eliminates the risk of attack. <br />