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We believe privacy and security is a right. Our digital wallet allows you to send private payments with ease. Integrated with the latest Tor, OBFS4, and Meek for maximum privacy. Join us and start using our secure digital wallet today.<br />Download Wallet<br /><br />DeepVault Data Certification<br />DeepVault is a blockchain notary that allows you to store file validation credentials within the blockchain. DeepVault protects your data from tampering by storing an immutable snapshot of your data. Visit the DeepVault Web App.<br /><br />Private Digital Currency<br />With the built-in Stealth Address feature, transactions can be received privately. Stealth Addresses protect the privacy of your balance and your transaction history.<br /><br />Instant Confirmations<br />You can now send and receive instant transactions worldwide. You no longer have to wait several minutes or hours to receive a payment. You can send private digital money to anywhere in the world in seconds.<br /><br />Multiple Layers of Protection<br />Our software has several layers of privacy including the latest version of Tor, OBFS4, Meek, Stealth Addresses, and our upcoming feature DeepSend. Our highly secure wallet serves as an application layer of security.<br />(src: Main website)