Using Xiphos (How To Trade Cryptocurrency)

December 2018

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How to create an account
The first step in trading cryptocurrencies is to make an account on Xiphos.Exchange. You can create an account by going to Xiphos.Exchange/signup and filling in the correct information. Be sure to first read our Terms of Service and Privacy policy and to fill in a working email address as it will be used if you need to reset your password.
Deposit the currency you want to trade with
The next thing you'll have to do is deposit the base currency you're going to trade. Currently on Xiphos you can have SHIELD, Bitcoin or Ethereum as base currency. If you don't have any of these you'll have to go to a merchant that sells one of these. You can buy cryptocurrency on coinbase or or on If you want to deposit this currency you have to first create a wallet and then press deposit to follow the instructions. You can do this here. But don't forget to log in first.
Start to trade
Now that you have an account and how the base currency you want to use you can finally trade. Find the pair you want to trade (E.G. ETH/BTC or KRB/ETH). Fill in how much you want to buy or sell and fill in the price and submit your order. Or just go to Suggest tab and sell for the current price. You can find all of our markets on Xiphos.Exchange/Exchange.