Our referral system

December 2018

Our Referral system

We have been working on a new update that will include a referral program to earn money by promoting our exchange and letting people trade globally. This will help our exchange by gaining popularity and help you earn easily. This program has been on our radar for a while now and it will be released shortly. We have done some other changes to our system as well which fixes some minor bugs/issues, improves your experience and betters our trading mechanism. So following up on our November security update, we will keep you on your toes with this next new big thing!

An example of the new referral information page — Xiphos.Exchange/Referrals

How you can use the referral program

After login on Xiphos.Exchange, navigate to /Referrals. Here you can find the main information panel. See below for a sneak-peak of how this looks. On this panel you can retrieve your referral code, as well as your referees, URLs and some information on how this system will work. To make it easy for you, we have generated a simple code and easy to use links to share with everyone online. Just click on the one that suits you best and share. When other people click on your shared url they will be directed to our homepage with your account set as their referrer. If they create an account after clicking on your “refcode’s-URL”, their name* pops up in your referees-chart.

More details of how it works

Direct referees, or referees that clicked on your URL, will go to the first level on your chart aka. 25%. This means that when they trade something on our exchange, the fee that they pay over that trade will be split between Xiphos and the corresponding referees. In this case 25% percent of the fee they pay will go to you. If then that same person does the same process with their referee code, sharing their refurls and other people signing up, those users will show up on the second level of your referees-chart Aka. 12.5%. This means you will get 12.5% of their fee on their trades. This is also with their refcode and so on and so forth. Until 1.25%, levels after this will gain you close to nothing. If there is anything you do not understand, give us a heads up and we would be glad to explain in further details. Do keep in mind that the amount you receive will not be all too much per person due to our fee being extremely low, only 0.15%. Even this can vary with owning XSH, see Xiphos.Exchange/Vote for more information about our fee. But if you have enough referees you could make some good money. You just have to share, this will make our exchange more active and this will be better for everyone!

*(Names are display names censored due to privacy reasons)
**(As of the writing of this article)