New listing evaluation

December 2018

Written by [name] (job)

New listings
You may have looked at how many projects we have listed in the past few months and thought that it's not that much. And we agree, in the future we want to list a lot more projects as we think that's one of the main purposes of Xiphos. But although we want to list a lot of projects there are a few roadblocks in the process of listing them.
We don't want any bad projects to be listed on Xiphos.
This sounds very harsh to some and very logical to others. But we think it's essential. Although even bad projects should have a place to get traded we rather restrict ourselves to projects that really have something to offer. Not only to ensure that people that trade on Xiphos don't get scamed by the project they bought into but also because it makes it easier to find new projects to trade.
So why are we taking such a long time to list projects?
We are currently working on a method to make sure that the project we're listing is both promises to do something interesting and will actually do what is promises. Because this isn't a sure thing we are currently testing a few methods and looking at the results they give us. We hope that in the near future we can easily distinguish between 'bad' and 'good' projects so that our users don't have to worry about what they're trading!