Earn crypto with Xiphos

December 2018

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Earn by trading
As you may have already seen when using Xiphos, we have a referral system in place. But just looking at it may not really help with understanding how it works and how much you can earn from giving your referral code to your friends and family.
How to share your code
It's actually very simple. To share your code you must first find it. You can find it by going to the referral page. This can be found by clicking on the "Account" menu and clicking on "Referral". Or you can simply go to https://www.Xiphos.Exchange/Referrals. On this page you can view everyone that has used your referral code and the people that have used theirs. On this page you also get to see your referral code. If you want to share your code simply link them to any one of these:
1. https://Xiphos.Exchange/?refcode={your refcode}
2. https://Xiphos.Exchange/referrer/{your refcode}
3. https://Xiphos.Exchange/origin/{your refcode}
When do you earn?
When people are registered as a your referree you will be able to profit of of them trading. You earn a percentage of the tradefee on their trades. That means that if they're trading a discounted pair or a have some other discount they you will earn less of the volume they bring to the market.
How much can you earn?
As we have said before you also earn a percentage of the trading fee of people that are referrees of your referrees. But of course the percentage you get from these people will be a lot smaller.
You will earn 25% percent of their trafdefee. You will get 12.5% of the fee of people that are referrees of your referree. This goes on until 1.25%, levels after this will gain you close to nothing.