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Why do I pay a fee to withdraw

It's a fee required by the blockchain to create incentive to mine.

I withdrew to the wrong address, what now?

unfortunately your coins are lost, we can't do anything to get them back.

Deposited wrong coins

unfortunately we can't help you, your coins are lost.

How to Withdraw coins

Go to your portfolio and search for the wallet of the coin you want to withdraw, press withdraw and put in the address your withdrawing to and press send.


How to trade

Go to the pair you want to trade and make your buy or sell offers.

Fee Structure

After the beta every trade will have a fee. If you don't have any XSH you will pay 0.15% per trade. If you do have XSH your fee an fall to 0.05% per trade.


New account

If you want to create a new account go to www.xiphos.exchange/login and go to the register tab. Fill in all of the information and you'll have created your account

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