Xiphos.Exchange Roadmap

2018 Q3 (finished)

Start of the Xiphos Alpha

The first launch of Xiphos, the Alpha version in which we test and perfect our systems.

2018 Q4 (finished)

Xiphos Full release

After finishing the main features Xiphos will get its full release

2018 Q4 (finished)

Major Security upgrade

A major security upgrade to make having an account on Xiphos the safest experience you can imagine.

2018 Q4

Listing 10 Projects

To expend the project we want to list at least 10 coins/tokens on Xiphos before the end of the year.

2018 Q4

Referral program

To make Xiphos a better platform to use we're going to implement a referral program for our traders.

2018 Q4

Improved trading

To make trading on Xiphos better we're going to add some trading features in Q4.

2018 Q4

Portfolio upgrade

Keeping track of your funds is important that why we're going to improve our Portfolio.


Help us make Xiphos better

Suggesting us features to implement in the future will help us make Xiphos a better platform to use.