About Xiphos

About Xiphos

Country of origin

We are currently all settled in The Netherlands, although we have team members that are not. And even though the CEO's are all dutch, we do have an all English language environment when talking about work. This way everyone understands each other and no secrets are held.

About the team

Our current team consists of hard working employees that are located in Netherlands, Germany and more. We have laid out the most important heads on this same page. We do, however, like to keep some of their names enclosed.

Company value

We want to make trading possible and easy for everyone without losing any security or value. Also we'd like to give everyone a chance on doing what they think is right with their cryptocurrency. We value every project equally and every user opinions and thoughts. If there is anything not right we want to know and help right away.

Our future

We want to make the future as crypto as possible for everyone, so we plan on making as much trading possible for anyone and everything. That is why plan on frequent updates, answering every question as fast as possible and be as interactive as we can with our community. We hope to see you join us on our journey!

The Xiphos team

D. Visser


Knowledge is the most powerful resource. Because of this, being able to easily acquire knowledge is important.

C. Kwaijtaal


Sustainable model is key, if you have a world-class product people will come.

R. Saebu


An interested and passionate developer. Will be the reason for success of the entire company.