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Xiphos is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges focused on innovation and offering an easy to use solution to buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Xiphos is one of the first exchanges to offer free exchange listings to promising coins as this is a big problem with many big exchanges.

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Our important features


With small loading times you can easily switch between which currencies you're trading.


Because no-one want to lose their fund we prioritize security of the exchange above all else.


Xiphos has many use cases that our traders can profit from, for example multiple ui's or low fees.


Xiphos does what no other exchange has ever done before with multiple elements.

Our fair listing program

A home for every good project

The problem

There are a lot of coins and tokens currently on the market, a lot of them bad but a lot of them great. Because of this sea of crypto's most exchanges have decided to ask for gigantic amounts of money to list projects. Some projects decide to go a non profit route and thus have a lot of trouble getting listed, this ultimally decreases the amount of great projects. We're going to do it all differently

Our solution

Instead of a standard mail we send out to every project interested in listing on Xiphos we'll review every project before giving them a price we're also going to discuss with the CEO and try to find other ways the project can help us. This way projects with a lot of potential don't have to suffer. We're also going to add at least one coin for free every month via our voting system!

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Trading on Xiphos

A few listed coins



Deep- onion

Ethe- reum

Partnership with SHIELD(XSH)

What is SHIELD

SHIELD is a cryptocurrency focused on improving many problems with current blockchain technology. They're solving the problem of quantum computers being able to break modern cryptography (thus making most crypto useless). SHIELD is also working on implementing actual uses for masternodes and on a custom proof of stake version.

Why the partnership

SHIELD shares many of the same ideoligies we have and SHIELD is working on solving many important problems that blockchains currently have. We think SHIELD deserves to be put in the spotlight but because of the lack of a devfunds (because of the no ICO/Premine) they have a hard time getting listed to exchanges or other platforms.

What does the partnership mean

If our users have SHIELD on their account they will get a discount on the trading fee, we will also airdrop users that have SHIELD and we will list every other coin with a SHIELD pair.

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